The Metaphysics of the Pure Presence of Awareness
An Introduction to Awareness

Philosophy is meaningless if it not spoken from a love of wisdom; if it is only a technical performance... without such love all words are stillborn.

This website is dedicated to an understanding of Nonduality. The writings here proceed from the simple truth that reality is nondual Awareness, and this world that we experience is the activity of Awareness – a performance that we all participate in. Awareness is the nature of our presence here in this place, at this moment. While the reality of separation is unfounded and not true, the focus here is on the world as an allusion to our shared Nature which manifests it. The world stands as witness to the Nature that is its genesis. It is not an illusion as some portray it; it is the very expression of the truth, beauty and goodness that we value and seek in our search for wisdom.

The reality that this view encompasses is not that of a dualistic world of categories and causes, of assumptions and beliefs, as one typically finds in philosophy. It is not a world of misleading appearances such as the illusions performed by a magician; it is the very appearance of Nature as its divinely beautiful performance. This world does not consist of parts mechanically interacting, but of beauty – beauty that is the self-appreciation of Awareness. And the simple point that is made repeatedly in these pages is that we either attend to this beautiful performance for what it is or become lost in our self-inflicted doubts and fears about things and events that ultimately can never harm us.

As background to all of the material that you will find here, you would benefit from reading An Introduction to Awareness, a book that takes you on a journey of reasoning that destroys all of our dualistic conceptions, dismantling the assumptions and mistakes that cloud our experiences because they vivisect the whole of reality into a world of separate parts. The book puts the question of what existence is to the ultimate test by removing every one of our unfounded assumptions about it. As one reader put it: "The light which An Introduction to Awareness shines on questioning reality is not to approximate reality, but to take it for what it is; it is a new way of finding the ultimate truth, to start from the simple truth that is the ultimate truth. The idea that it could be that simple is enticing."

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